Cockles Fic Rec List


Let me start this list by recommending EVERY fic ever written by qthelights and every short porny fic written by annundriel .Also check the Jensen/Misha lj.

This list contains fics I’ve read or plan to read, if there’s something not on here you desperately thinks deserves to be, please let me know.

{You’ll notice that the Helix ‘Verse isn’t listed here…it’s not my kind of fic, but do click if you’re curious.}

Now that is out of the way allow me to fill your life with ALL OF THE COCKLES 

(ADDIT: If you are after “It’s Not Tv, it’s HBO” message me and I can email it to you…but only after you’ve read “Reconciling Hollywood”…I’m sorry but that’s the deal!)


Non AU

  1. Title: Hair of the Dog
    Word Count: 3,490
    Summary: …really? In which Jensen is wickedly hungover, does in-bed body shots with Misha, and has the best fucking birthday of his anyone’s life.
  2. Title: Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy
    Wordcount: ~9000
    Disclaimer: Not mine, never happened. No offence intended.
    Summary: Jensen wants to go home, Misha gives him an alternative.
  3. Title: Mr Watson, Come Here. I Want To See You
    Word COunt: None given (1000-2000ish)
    Summary: Jared goes out for something. Jensen gets a call from Misha.
  4. Title: Against a Wall and a Hard Place
    Wordcount: 4350
    Summary: Jensen lets Misha pick where they’re drinking. Misha picks a gay bar. It doesn’t go to plan.
  5. Title: Beautiful Stranger
    Word Count: 2,166
    Summary: It’s Misha’s birthday and he’s throwing a ‘formal wear and masks’ party.
  6. Title: And In Your Arms Defeated
    Wordcount: 7000
    Summary: Jensen is responsible for fixing people, but sometimes people have other plans. (One of my all time favs)
  7. Title: Southern Discomfort and a bit of Hospitality
     Wordcount: 8,200
    Summary: Jensen invites Misha to Chris’ for the weekend. Nothing happens the way Misha thinks it will. (There’s hammock sex)
  8. Title: Expressions of Interest Must be Made in Writing
    Word Count: (none given, I’d say around 2000)
    Summary: Five times Misha marks Jensen and the moment Jensen gives up.
  9. Title: Method Acting (Or ‘In Which Misha Is Not, In Fact, Kidding Jensen’)
    Word Count: ~5,500
    Summary: There’s a little surprise in the script for the latest episode, Misha is unruffled, and Jensen is not amused, but he’s determined to put on the best damn performance he can, ‘cause it’s the last season and, hey, he owes it to Dean.
  10. Title: Going Down
    Summary: Failing to heed the warning signs, Jensen willingly follows Misha into an elevator.
  11. Title: Threes company
    Word count: 2,667
    Summary: Jensen and Misha pick out each other’s Halloween costumes.
  12. Title: Today, it’s Different
    Word Count:
    Summary: Today is the day Dean and Cas become romantically canon. Jensen has had a thing for Misha for a long time, and mentally prepares himself for the event of kissing him for the Dean and Cas scene.
  13. Title: Do you kNow What You Think You Know
    Word Count: 5539
    Summary: Everyone knows Jensen and Misha are together. Nobody even thinks about it. They just know. Except Jensen and Misha. They don’t know. A few things happen in the space of a few weeks that leave everyone at least knowing the same thing.
  14. Title: Toss Me a Breath, When You Hold Me Down
    Word Count:  ~2,200
    Summary: So, Misha’s invited him over for drinks.
  15. Title: To Sext or Not to Sext
    Word Count 5,688
    Summary: Jensen accidentally sends Misha a drunk text (one of my first and still a favourite because HELLO TRAILER SEX)
  16. Title: Slopes and Curves
    Word Count: ~3500
     Summary: There are already too many Mishas for Jensen to keep up with. Then he gets one more. (Jensen finds a poem Misha wrote about him)
  17. Title: An Arm around Your Shoulders, Fingers on Your Lips
     Spoilers: Based on the incident in this clip (at around 5 minutes in) of behind the scenes filming of a future ep. 
  18. Title:Ice Ice Baby
    Word Count: 5,000~
    Summary: Jensen and Misha have an accident and get stuck in the car in the snow
  19. Title: Ad-Libbed
    Word Count: 7000+
    Summary: The thing about Misha? Misha ad-libs. (Wonderful story that works Jensen and Misha’s relationship around the filming of the show giving it a canon feel that few fics can claim)
  20. Title: I Could Kiss You Under Water
     Words: 5001
     Summary: Jensen needs a little TLC after an afternoon slaving away in the yard.
  21. Title: Vancouver Heat
    Words: 2195
     Summary: He can see Misha’s nipples harden beneath the white fabric of his shirt and Jensen just loves that he can do that. This isn’t the first time Misha has responded so positively to Jensen’s touches, but it is so far the first time Jensen hasn’t freaked out and pulled away. (Jensen finger fucking Misha in his trailer? yes please)
  22. Title: the same big and little words 
    Word Count: ~1000
    Summary: He likes Jensen, though. He likes Jensen too much, such that everything seems to turn to gold in Jensen’s fine-cut hands.
  23. Title: At the Core
    Word Count: 1383
    Summary: And he was the only person who had the privilege to have Misha completely submit to him.
  24. Title: Way of Life
    Word Count: 3985
    Summary: “Well, I’ve decided that I like Misha a lot better.” (Jensen calls Misha Dmitri)
  25. Title: Honey I’m home!
    Word Count: ~2,041 
    Summary: Misha had barely got in the door when he found himself slammed up against it harshly, the door handle digging in to the small of his back.
  26. Title: Things Unsaid
    Wordcount: 4,200
    Summary: Jensen loses a bet and ends up accompanying Misha on a monastic retreat in Thailand
  27. Title: The Big Joke
    Word Count: 3,800
    Summary: Jensen takes Misha on a horseback trip, hoping to ease some of the intensity that has been bubbling up during filming.
  28. Title: Lucky You
    Wordcount: 7000
    Summary: Jensen’s agent made him promise to spend at least one day over hiatus in LA taking meetings. Chance decides there’s another kind of meeting he ought to take while he’s there.
  29. Title: What happens at JIB2, stays at JIB2… right?
    Word Count: 2,874
    Summary: This is in a alternate universe where neither of them are married. You never really know what happens behind the curtain at these SPN Conventions.
  30. Title: It’s All Thanks to Twitter
    Word Count:7343
    Summary: Misha has been in Jensen’s life just as long as Genevieve has been in Jared’s. But Jensen’s been too busy being jealous of Gen to notice. Until now.
  31. Title:Conventional
    Word Count:3000ish
    Summary: Misha and Jensen flirt at a conference and see what they can get away with.
  32. Title: Rolling in the Deep
    Word Count:
    Misha has a thing for men with loose hips. And intoxicating smiles. Or maybe he just can’t resist Jensen.
  33. Title: Thirty Six
    Word Count:
    On Misha’s thirty-sixth birthday, Jensen lets him make the plans. He fails to imagine the consequences.
  34. Title: We’re missing the sunset (but it’s okay if we can watch the sunrise together)
    Word Count: 4000
    Summary: Jensen and Misha, something first, something hot during summer, after long shooting day. They’re just drinking beer and looking at each other when Jared cannot stand the tension and leaves the trailer. Jensen is sitting in the armchair, Misha on the bed, legs wide, one hand on the bottle, the other, accidently ofc on his fly and Jensen cannot focus. He’s looking at Misha’s throat and his fly and back to the throat … Hand job, touching, checking… something hard under the fly… Jensen didn’ t get laid for so long…”

  35. Title: Caress Me Again
    Summary: The face-stroking has become a Thing.
  36. Title: Your Fat Cherry Lips
    Words: 3018
    Summary: Really, it’s just about Misha’s mouth. And Jensen’s. But mostly Misha’s.


  1. Title: Flip of a Switch
    Word Count: ~4700
    Summary: Misha’s only trying to save the environment when he pauses to turn off the studio lights on his way to bed. He doesn’t expect to find lead dancer Jensen Ackles practicing his barre work in there. He certainly doesn’t expect what comes next.
  2. Title: The Rafferty Account
    Word Count:  10,000
    Summary: Jensen is an account manager for JD Morgan Advertising in New York City, 1962. Jensen secures accounts, and he likes to think he’ll go to any lengths to do it. The trouble is, when the man he’s dealing with is Misha Collins, ‘going to any lengths’ acquires a whole new meaning.
  3. Title: You & Me, Kings of the Summer Realm
    Word count: 1,850
    Prompt:AU, teen!Misha&Jensen (11-14 y.o.), Jensen looking up to his older buddy, Misha taking care of the younger, ridiculous oaths of eternal friendship on supercool parchment sheets signed in blood from cut fingers (what? tell me u never did that shit!), friendship rings/bracelets/amulets (bonus if they get teased by other kids at school for those), sneaking out of homes in the middle of the night (scared-of-darkness!Jensen, comforting!Misha :D), climbing trees (having a secret tree house?! :D), getting in trouble…
  4. Title: Truth or Dare
    Word Count: 2650.
    Summary: Jensen should have known better than to get into any kind of competition with Misha, but he finds he can’t complain about how this one turns out. (Misha is panties)
  5. Title: Conflict of Interest
    Word Count: 5,899
    Summary: Jensen’s new nanny is cute and weird and taken. He tries not to pine and fails miserably
  6. TitleThe Coffee Carol
    Word Count: 6,930 
    Summary: Office holiday party AU. Misha is Jensen’s Secret Santa, and Jensen is the master of coffee. He’s also Misha’s weakness. 
  7. Title: Whisky Lullaby
    Word Count: I’d guess around 10,000
    Summary: Jensen is a college junior with one goal in mind; hook up with the hottest bartender at the coolest bar in town. Unlucky for him, Misha Collins doesn’t go down easy. (Jesus wept the sex in this GODDAMN)
  8. Title: Beauty in the Breakdown
    Wordcount: 661
    Content warning/notes: Jensen is 17 and Misha is 29.
    Summary: Nothing is safe when Misha is bored.
  9. Title: Art of Love
    Wordcount: 764
    Content warning/notes: Age difference. Jensen is 19 and Misha is 31.
    Summary: Love isn’t just an abstract concept to Misha
  10. Title: And the North Wind Blows
    Words: 32,000
    Summary: Jensen is a ranger in the US Forest Service, on loan to the Canadians with the dual mandate of protecting the Boreal forest and a US logging outfit. He likes his solitary life collecting data and spending time in the luscious green forest that looms around his little cabin, until the day he gets a phone call: an eco-terrorist is protecting a tree the logging company wants to cut down. The terrorist in question, a young activist named Misha who climbs and swings through the trees like Tarzan, is not what he expects. Charged with getting him down and locking him up, Jensen has his work cut out for him, especially when it appears something more sinister is going on. What follows is a whirlwind of forbidden romance, lust and danger that turns Jensen’s once-quiet life upside down. And the most worrying part is he doesn’t think he minds.
  11. Title: Dovetail
    Word Count: 9,600
    Summary: AU. Misha Collins is a master craftsman with a corner on the sustainable furnishings market. Jensen Ackles is an ambitious interior designer with an even more ambitious clientele. All he’s after at first is Misha’s signature on an impossible contract. What he gets is so much more.
  12. Title: A Multi-Panel Love Story
    Wordcount: 18,600
    Summary: Jensen’s days are spent doting on his son and working on his graphic novel series with his best friend, Jared. Life’s cool, but something could make it a whole lot better. Or make that someone.
  13. Title: Walk this world with me
    Word Count: 11835
    Summary: Set about five years after the end of “A Multi-Panel Love Story” and Jensen & Misha are experiencing some bumps in the road.
  14. Title: Code Purple
    Summary: RPS AU - Movie star and model Misha Collins hasn’t been home in over fifteen years. However, with his youngest sister getting married, he finds himself travelling back there to face everything and everyone he ran away from to try and overcome all those things that caused him so much pain. There’s only one problem; MTV are following him for a fly on the wall documentary. What could possibly go wrong?
  15. Title: Despicable Misha
    In a world where super-villains have to compete against each other each day to gain the respect of the Evil League of Evil and the support of the Bank of Evil, Mischievous Misha struggles with both, plus a distinctive lack of new ideas for heists. He’s been in the business for quite some time, and though his minions and his best friend Jared keep him busy just fine, it’s only when Jensen moves into the house next to Misha’s that he becomes aware there’s something more to life than being evil. What he doesn’t know is that Jensen is a villain like himself, just younger and an up and coming one, and only moved here to put Misha out of the way.
  16. Title :  Men in Love
    Word Account : 4029 (easily over 15,000 for all parts)
    Summary : Jensen promised his best friend, Jared, that he would go to a gay club with him. It was a bad idea and Jensen knew it … Until he saw that blue eyed guy dancing on the bar. 
  17. Title: First Day
    Word Count: 1,691
    Summary: The new music teacher is not what Jensen expected at all.
  18. Title: Reality? What Reality?
    Words: 18,000 ish
    Summary: Based around the story in The French Mistake, where Raphael isn’t quite sure which alternative universe Sam and Dean, and specifically the key, have been sent to.  He has to cover his bets and sends assassins to a number of possible alternative realities.  Nothing bodes well for anyone who looks like Castiel’s vessel, including one Misha Collins. (to be honest I haven’t read this…it is pg after all aha, but let me know if it’s any good)
  19. Title: As easy as Airway, Breathing and Circulation
    Word Count: 10125
    Summary:Jensen’s not so keen on his office’s first aid training… until he meets the trainer.
  20. TitleThe Academy of Absent Fathers
    Wordcount: 80,000ish words?
    Summary: As one of the premiere boarding schools on the east coast, Ellis Academy plays host to the preeminent financiers, businessmen, and politicians of tomorrow. The very dirt stinks of privilege and as a long-time foster child, Misha Collins has no idea how he ended up here. To make matters worse, he’s stuck rooming with the equivalent of Ellis royalty. Jensen Ackles is a lifer - captain of the lacrosse team, do-gooder and textbook overachiever. And they hate each other. Mostly. But as they move from hate to something more, secrets from their unknown yet inextricably linked pasts threaten to destroy everything they’ve built. And the worst part? They have no idea what’s coming… (nice long boarding school fic, not the best these two have written but wonderful none the less)
  21. Title: Of Love and Other Political Affairs
    Word Count: 
    U.S. Senator Misha Collins is knee deep in campaigning to be the next President of the United States when he gets a new personal assistant named Jensen Ackles, who quickly turns the entire campaign on its head. (haven’t yet read it…let me know?)
  22. Title: Words With Friends
    Word Count: 8042
    Summary: Jensen and Jared run the National Scrabble Association in Greenport, Long Island, which is also home to a Cheese Emporium run by the charming and enigmatic Misha. After dancing around the issue for three years, will words, wine and cheese bring Jensen and Misha together? Does the sun rise in the east?
  23. Title: Structural Color
    Word Count: 20061
    Summary: Misha is an incubus. Or else he’s a sex vampire. Either way, sex with him is more than just sex – it’s Misha’s mealtime. Jensen doesn’t want to date a monster, but he knows he’ll never be with anyone else like he is with Misha.
  24. Title: Lawrence: Is Where The Heart Is
    Word Count: 11688
    Summary: After poor relationship decisions, Misha decides to live a life of decadence in New York City. Family tragedy brings him home to face the insecurities and family that drove him away. Can Jensen help mend his unhappy soul?
  25. Title: Wind in the West Pasture
    Word Count:
    Jensen works as a ranch hand for his uncle the summer after he graduates high school, and the summer only gets warmer when Misha Collins moves into the property next door.


Longer non-au fics

  1. Title: Reconciling Hollywood
    Word Count: 32,000 
    Summary: Misha has always prided himself on his mastery of the first impression - both giving and receiving. After all, people are easy enough to read if examined through the appropriate lens. For the last two years he’s stuck to his guns and his assumption that Jensen is just a good guy who made a dick mistake back when he thought Misha was disposable. Pushed him up against a trailer door and took because he could. But now, with Jared overseas with his new bride, Jensen around more than ever, and a decision weighing heavy on his conscience, Misha realizes that truly knowing Jensen might be nearly as impossible as knowing himself. (MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE EVER COCKLES FIC.  If you are a cockles fan and you hae not read this then…well just fucking read it, thank me later)
  2. Title: Orizuru
    Word Count: 47,000
    Summary: No matter how insignificant the question, Jensen has always craved answers. The origami birds scattered in his path are no exception - each accompanying message more obscure and more pointed than the last. As he slowly becomes the proud owner of a growing paper menagerie, Jensen has to decide whether to follow the clues or follow his heart. (One of my all time favourites. Beautiful slow build to this, plenty of angst)
  3. Title: Fever
    Word Count: 13607
    Summary: It’s Christmas and the otherwise so mild Vancouver is hit by a rare blizzard. Misha is hit by the flu and Jensen is hit by the urge to take care of Misha. Of course there are unexpected consequences to it all.
  4. Title: Worse Than Being Blind
    Word Count: 22,162
    Summary: To cope with the directing on the set of Stonehenge Apocalypse, Misha and his new best friend Hill, spend their nights drinking and trying to forget the fact that they’re on a ridiculous scifi B-Movie. It helps when the director yells that they should all have more intensity in the morning. And then, one night, Torri invites herself to their nightly drinking and Misha does not know that this has bad life plan written all over it because Torri can drink everyone under the table. Now Misha has to deal with an earnest and freaked out Jensen who flies to the set because he wants to talk about “the message” (complete with air quotes) that Misha left on his cell phone. Add a new cast that has made it their mission to make Misha as embarrassed as possible and Jared, who never met an innuendo that he didn’t like, and Misha wonders how his life ever got here. Oh, and they do still have a movie to film.
  5. Title: A Sort of Fairy Tale
    Word Count:
     No word count, but 14 chapters of at least 1000 words so it’s near to 20,000
     Misha loves Jensen. Jensen is … getting there. (This fic broke and rebuilt my heart. Lots of emotionally stunted Jensen in this, shmoopy ending like woah)
  6. Title: Laphroaig
    Verse: Scotch
    Summary: Jensen loves scotch, but every time he drinks it things happen. Misha encourages these particular things. As he’s wont to do.
    (A multi part verse that is mostly PWP lots and lots of scotch induced sex, but there is some angsting from both boys and a happy ending :) )
  7. Title: Being Jeffrey Beaumont
    Series: Useful Illusions
    Pairing: Jensen/Misha, Jensen/Jared overtones
    Summary: They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Wherein Jared innocently seeks to share his love of Blue Velvet and interesting things happen. (This fic has plenty of sex and multiple POVs. The main issue is there is a J2 arc that ends up in the air and you end up feeling really bad for Jared which I HATE, my mind created an extra chapter and turned this into a J2M. It is still a good fic to read)
  8. Title: Walking Up The Down Slope
    Word Count: Not given, multi chapter though >10,000 words
    Summary: Jensen’s been running from a part of himself since he was fifteen, meeting Misha made it harder to run - it made him want to stop. But he thought his feelings were unrequited, pushed them aside again and married Danneel. Then one night he gets too drunk….
    Title: Knowing Somehow We Survived The Fall
  9. Word Count: 11,867
    Summary: When Jensen Ackles meets Misha Collins on the set of Supernatural’s fourth season, it is not for the first time. The fact of the matter is, Jensen has rather more secrets from his past than he would like to admit—however, encountering Misha and his attraction to him again might force him to. (lovely canonau fic)
  10. Title: Playdates
    Word Count: 21377
    Summary: There is one person in this world that Misha could love more than Jensen Ackles, which is perfect, because it’s the only person Jensen could love as much as Misha. But they are going to have to learn how to share, if they are going to make this work. (not yet read)
  11. Title: Just Breathe
    Word Count: 14246
    Summary: Misha is sick – fucking miserable, but refuses to go home and rest instead of finishing up the last scene for the day. His own obstinacy is going to come right back and bite him in the ass and leave him in a much worse shape than he first thought. Luckily, a certain Jensen Ackles comes to his rescue.
  12. TitleLeft Foot Green
    Word Count: 10,708
    Summary: Jensen/Misha over the holidays, and one for Misha and both Js ‘doing whatever their hearts desired’. Apparently, what their hearts desired was a psuedo-Christmas party with drunken Twister, devious Misha, and a grumpy Jensen who’s rather less grumpy by the end of the night. (You’ll need to stop up on your HNNNNGGG for this one because JESUS CHRIST)


Some PWP for you :)

  1. Jensen/Misha: begging, dirty talk, wall!sex and manhandling.
  2. Misha rimming Jensen (Jesus fuck this is hot)
  3. MY FAVOURITE EVER SOMNOPHILIA FIC - In which it is cold and there is accidental sleep cuddling and Jensen wakes up first.
  4. Not porn really. Truth or Dare involving hilariously awesome drunk!Jared
  5. Jensen/Misha: Long prompt is long: Where while filming this scene from 5.18, Jensen gets turned on. This intrigues Misha so he decides to poke the bear and provoke Jensen at any chance he gets - since making him angry seems to be the only way to make him express much of anything. Misha gets a kick out of toying with Jensen, making him uncomfortable and trying to get him ~excited~ in inappropriate places. But when Jensen finally reciprocates Misha’s advances (in private, obviously), Misha finds himself feeling things he never intended to. It’s Misha’s first time being in love.
  6. Jensen likes the Castiel voice
  7. Jensen finds the Castiel voice distracting
  8. Jensen has a nipple ring and Misha likes it
  9. Jensen/Misha, butt plug, fingering, blowjobs, orgasm denial
  10. AU where Jensens friends take him to a poetry reading (little bit of plot but then porn)
  11. More poet misha/jensen porn
  12. Misha using a dildo on Jensen until he comes
  13. Misha, a teacher, discovers sixteen year-old Jensen drinking on school property late one night and decides to teach him a lesson.
  14.  Jensen/Misha, toys, somnophilia, light bondage, light fingering 
  15. Jensen in a corset + d/s, rimming, corset wearing, bondage, sex, language,spanking
  16. Misha makes Jensen cream his pants in a packed elevator
  17. Misha likes Jensen’s accent
  18. Misha fucks Jensen under the christmas tree
  19. Jensen uses a vibrator to make Misha beg
  20. Jensen is turned on by the idea of Misha sucking himself off…Misha gives him a show
  21. highschool gym sex
  22. Challenge Excepted: It’s the middle of the night and their neighbors are at it again. Misha decides that the only way to respond is to be louder than they are. Jensen is surprisingly OK with that. 


tagged as: #cockles, #rec lists, #spn fanfifc, #fucking huge ass cockles list, #fic recs, #jensen/misha,

tagged as: #cockles, #rec lists, #spn fanfifc, #fucking huge ass cockles list, #fic recs, #jensen/misha,

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