Destiel Rough Sex Rec List

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Rough sex rec list for you my friends, tried not to repeat any of the recs found in my top!CasD/s / bdsm or Destiel Blood!kink Rec List lists and because of that the list isn’t very long. Please see the other lists for more :)

Who tops differs from fic to fic, with varying levels of consent (no non-con) some AU, some non-AU.


  1. Dean/Cas, rough sex, face fucking, wall slamming - Filled - A Sharp and Desperate Need :Dean loves that he can really let loose and be as rough with Cas as he wants, since Cas isn’t bound by human limitations; he can take a rough fucking and beg for more. Lots of wall slamming, face fucking, hair pulling, biting, roughly pinning Cas down to the bed, maybe spanking/ass slapping. No dominance, Dean isn’t trying to dominate Cas, and Cas is a very willing participant. Begging from Cas or dirty talk would be wonderful.
  2. When I Have my Angel:  A guy hit-on Dean. Enter possesive BAMF!Cas, add it with a bit of wall-slamming, and then mix it with rough-claiming!sex. Top!Cas please.
  3. I Keep Holding On:   sycophantastic, Dean/Castiel, pushing, pinning, biting, scratching, hair pulling, etc - sex gets downright combative when Castiel is pissed off
  4. New Tricks:  Leashes, Collaring, Deepthroating, Blow Jobs, Butt Plugs, Roughness, Spreader Bars, Asphyxiation, Dirty Talk, Whipping, Come Shot, Marking, Begging, Daddy!Kink, Throat-Fucking, Hair-Pulling.
  5. I Wish To Remain Nameless (What’s IN A Name?) Heavy goo!kink, asphyxiation, blood play, pain play, bondage, biting, scratching, slight spanking, very slight heavy-handedness, slight angst.When Castiel came back, he came back wrong; Dean refuses to see the issue. Pure smut.
  6. You’re My Bitch:   during 5.18, rough violent sex in the alley. no noncon please.
  7. Don’t Tell Anyone How I Hold Your Hand:   Bondage, asphyxiation, biting, scratching, bruising, dom/sub, pain play, branding (roasted marshmallows anyone?), very slight blood play, barebacking, they’re both teens (17 and 18, though it’s never said), claiming/marking, very slight scent kink, language.  Dean and Castiel are both Boy Scout volunteers over the summer; neither of them want to be there but they’re both kind of glad they are. Pure smut.
  8. Heavens Bitch:  Dean has sex with Castiel pushed up against a wall. He knows he doesn’t have to be gentle cause Cas can take it. Top!Dean, no Wincest.
  9. Dollars and Cents:  Angst, BDSM, dub-con, hints of evil!Dean, auto-erotic asphyxiation, sounding, rough sex, bondage, D/s themes.Sex isn’t the same, after Hell.
  10. Dean/Castiel Dub-con, AU, RoughCastiel is in love with a straight Dean, Dean knows it and abuses their friendship slightly/completely but never sexually. Castiel is joining the priesthood and the night before he takes his oaths/vows Dean realizing how emotionally depended he is on Castiel suddenly forces himself on Cas, intending to ruin/spoil/shame Castiel until god doesn’t want him. DomDean, Rough, Messy, DubCon, NonCon, DirtyTalk, Humiliation, if possible an unexpected happy ending would be epic. Bonus points if Castiel fights it at first but ends up loving the rough nature. A million points if Castiel is a virgin.

tagged as: #destiel, #rough sex, #rec lists, #dean/castiel, #spn fanfic,

tagged as: #destiel, #rough sex, #rec lists, #dean/castiel, #spn fanfic,

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