Destiel Highschool/College AU Rec list (# 3)

Let me start by saying a few things
1 - I haven’t read any of these fics (YET) so some may be removed from list as I read them if I decide they’re not worth reading/recing
2 - There are a billion million WIPs out there (which I wont rec of read) so you can expect another list like this in the future
3 - There needs to be a bring it on style destiel fic. SO BAD.
4 - This is the 3rd of THREE such lists, the other two are linked below, please check those before telling me all the fics that aren’t on this list. This is simply a list of some of the new/most recent fics of the genre. You’ll find the classics in list 1.

Also here are the links to
Destiel Highschool/College Au Rec List #1
Destiel Highschool/College Au Rec List #2

With that said, let us continue.



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  1. Title: It’s Always More Than Once (Before It Takes)
    Word Count: ~10K
    Summary: The first time it happens, it’s because of boredom. Or, at least that’s what Dean tells himself to justify it. Boredom and Dean Winchester are a dangerous combination, especially when you factor in beer, a raging libido, and laziness.
  2. Title: won’t cross these streets until you hold my hand (high school AU)
    Word Count: ~4900
    Summary: Dean hadn’t exactly meant to check out his best friend’s ass in the locker room…
  3. Title: In Another Life It Could Happen To You.
    Word count: 3200
    Summary: Dean is a college professor, and Cas is his gifted, but shy student. Only, as it turns out, maybe not so shy after all.
  4. Title: Reason Cannot Know
    Word Count: apx 7,000.
    Summary: Castiel is a Masters student who has long since learned to value the voice of reason over his hormones. But after a drunken night with his good friend Dean, he realizes he still has some lessons left to learn.
  5. Title :  You pick the insects off plants (no time to think of consequences)
    Words : 10588
    Summary : The only place where Castiel feels safe is here, with the Winchesters. 
    Warnings : Threesome, underage (Dean is 18, Sam and Cas around 14 years old). Oral sex, oral fixation, breathplay, anal sex, codependency and mentions of physical abuse.  Do not read if it’s not your cup of tea, seriously. 
  6. Title: Don’t Ever Look Back
    Word Count: 36,000
    mary: Another day, another town; when their bounty hunter father enrolls he and Sam in yet another school Dean thinks this will just be another town he’ll forget five minutes after he leaves it. Things get more interesting when Sam befriends a classmate of Dean’s and the lonely boy with the strange name and stranger family slowly gets under Dean’s skin. Their new friendship gets complicated when it becomes clear that Castiel’s brothers aren’t just strange, they’re dangerous, and the secrets they keep and the sins they bury have a lot to do with Dean. It would all be bad enough even without Dean starting to worry that maybe friendship isn’t all he wants.
  7. Title: Waves
    Summary: Dean Winchester is the average guy: football, college, kid brother, nice car, girls and beer; his life is black and white, that is until he meets Castiel Collins: pretentious, slutty, sweater-wearing genius, who won’t even take the time to look up at him from his obscure novel while he insults him. And then everything is shades of gray and Dean is drowning.
  8. Title: Under The Summer Sun
    Word Count: 68309
    Summary:  Castiel is lonely, Sam’s excited to be in one place for more than a month and Dean’s just trying to make it through an entire summer at Christian Camp.
  9. Title: Alternate Realities Don’t Have to Suck
    Word count: 15,300
    Summary: Gabriel’s been watching the way Dean and Cas pussyfoot around each other, and now he’s sick of it. Naturally, this calls for a good smack around the head with a clue-by-four, featuring his favourite method: alternate realities. Now Dean and Castiel are room mates in their first year of college, while Sam’s at home getting some qualitiy time with his mother. Shenanigans ensue, especially when the boys admit they have feelings for each other, but it’s not enough to just admit it in the dream-world. They have to admit it when they wake up and face reality. Not to mention, there’s still an Apocalypse going on
  10. Title: Wrap Your Arms Around Your Own Body
    Summary: Dean Winchester is renowned for his ability to charm his way into anybody’s bed. Castiel Milton proves more challenging than most.
  11. Title: Helplessness Blues
    Word Count: ~10,000
    Summary: I’ll get back to you someday soon, you will see (or, the story of how Dean gets it wrong the first time around, but thankfully, gets it right on his second try)
  12. Title: I Had The Time of my Life With You
    Word count: 7000
    Summary: “I’m nine,” Castiel says, and suddenly it doesn’t feel so great to be seven anymore. Or the one where Dean and Cas meet young and don’t part.
  13. Title: A Rite of Passage
    Word Count: 11,637
    Summary: Castiel is a shy, eighteen year-old mathematical genius working on his doctorate. Dean is a college upperclassman. They meet, hit it off, and start dating. What Dean doesn’t know is that Cas has been holding himself back—and that there’s a very different type of direction he’d like to take their relationship.
  14. Title: Ergative/Absolutive
    Word Count: 6,303
    Summary: He really shouldn’t be thinking thoughts like this about his best friend who literally just broke up with his girlfriend, but he knows he’ll blame it on sleepiness in the morning. He always does.
  15. Title: We Found Love in the Home of a Sinner
    Word count: 7350
    Summary:castiel kisses dean in the middle of his dorm room. only, dean doesn’t like boys.
  16. Title: An Extra Lap
    Length: 3500 words
    Summary: Cas is on the high school swim team and Dean Winchester is the super-attractive, too-cool-for-him lacrosse player. They’re both practicing late one cold autumn night, and Dean succumbs to exhaustion. It’s up to Cas to help him.
  17. Title: Turn to Me
    Word Count: ~4000
    Summary: Castiel meets Dean Winchester at the beginning of junior year. Castiel sort of becomes a stalker. Castiel, in a brief fit of madness, asks out Dean. Everything after that is completely out of his hands.
  18. Title: The World is Always Ending
    Wordcount: ~10,000
    Summary: High School AU. Cas is in hospital after jumping out of a window to escape from zombies. Except that there aren’t any zombies, only Cas’ over active imagination. Dean is beginning to despair of his boyfriend. Meanwhile Lawrence High’s Zombie Survival Club is staking out the hospital. Just in case the world starts ending.
  19. Title: Inferiority
    Word Count: ~3800
    Summary: Cas was better than Dean at everything, except the important things.
    When Cas gets his best friend to sign up for ceramics with him, all of their pent up feelings begin to come up.
  20. Title: No Strings Attached
    Word Count: 1882
    Summary: Dean is teasing Castiel about being a prude, so Cas decides to prove him wrong.
  21. Title: Worn Out Spaces
    Word count: 10 700
    Summary: High school AU. The first time Dean meets Castiel, he makes it his mission to befriend him, whether Castiel wants it or not. As time passes, Dean realizes he might be interested in a little more than just friendship; he’s not complaining, but there’s still so much he doesn’t know
  22. Title:Where Are We Going, And Why Are We In This Handbasket?
    Word count: 6,300
    Summary: It’s Dean/Cas/Jimmy porn  
  23. Title: Forbidden
    Word count: 107,385
    Summary: With a past behind him, seventeen year old Castiel has escaped and is starting afresh in a new high school. He meets, Dean Winchester, his older and more mature teacher who knows right from wrong but sometimes temptation is just too much to overlook.
  24. Title: The School Dance
    Word count: 3581
    Summary:1950s Lawrence. Castiel is from a middle class family, Dean lives in the poorer part of town. They’re 17 years old and a friendship forms.
  25. Title: Stop all the clocks
    Word count: 14 752
    Summary: The plan was fool proof: take Poetry Studies, meet chicks, the end. Dean was quite confident about it until Professor Castiel Novak walked into the lecture hall and opened his mouth. Who knew one course could change so much?
  26. Title: Love in Every Stitch 
    Word Count: 11,121 
    Summary: Dean/Cas high school AU involving them being friends for a long time and Castiel falling in love with Dean and knitting him a sweater. 
  27. Title: Your Daddy’s Car
    Word count: 5048
    Summary: Cas is an orphan, Dean is as good as. Self-destructive road trips, large bottles of champagne and sunsets occur.
  28. Title: Not All That
    Word count:100,972
    Summary: After moving around all over the country with their father, Dean and Sam Winchester finally settle in a small town in Illinois with their Uncle Bobby for some stability. After starting high school, Dean finds himself breaking the most important rule of all, after only ten minutes - Do no talk to the Novak family.
  29. Title: What Kind of Name is Castiel
    Word count: 23231
    Summary: ’Every girl in the room was on full alert, only turning away from the trench coat wearing boy to give each other that look: the look that all girls know means ‘if you ever get to see him naked, you have to show me a picture or at least produce an anatomically correct sketch.’
  30. Title: Kill That Which is False
    Word Count: 39,531
    Summary: A new rich family moves across the street from Dean and Sam and Dean doesn’t want anything to do with them, Sam couldn’t care less, but when their lives start to intertwine with each other’s they find it gets harder and harder to keep distance or to deny what’s hidden deep down in the deepest parts of their being.

tagged as: #Dean/Castiel, #destiel, #fic recs, #spn fan fic, #hs au, #college au,

tagged as: #Dean/Castiel, #destiel, #fic recs, #spn fan fic, #hs au, #college au,

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