Dean/Castiel were!fic, alpha/beta, alpha/omega rec list

Fics  are kinky and many contain knotting, self lube, mpreg etc.

Not all fics are werewolf fics, but all contain an alpha/beta/omega type.

Also…this is only the fics I like…no sentient beastiality or non-con.


  1. Title: Not To Be Wasted
    Warnings: biting, kidnapping, mild brainwashing, D/s, blood!play, toys, past underage (Dean was 15)
    Summary: Castiel kidnapped Dean when he was two, raising and training him to be the perfect feeder. Problem is, sometimes Dean’s a little too perfect, like when Cas is in the middle of a meeting and all he can think about is the soft puff of breath against his thigh from Dean’s mouth.
  2. Title: Wolf Verse
    Summary: Castiel is a wolf forced on a mate-search. Dean is a wolf without a pack, living alone in the woods with his brother. They meet. 
  3. Title: Lakota Falls
    Word Count: 38,492
    Warnings: References past-noncon due to mental manipulation (Dean/OMC); possible dubcon due to mating instincts; minor character deaths; Human-form Werewolf retains canine knot on penis, so knotting fic.
    Summary: Love-at-first sight is supposed to be a myth. Even among Werewolves it’s rare. It’s also the last thing new pack-leader Castiel wants to deal with. Worse, his instant-mate doesn’t believe in it or his own self-worth. And all of that? It just might be the least of their problems.
  4. Title: Claimed By An Angel
    Word Count: 1445
    Warning: knotting, alpha/beta/omega dynamics
    Summary: Takes place after ‘In the arms of my brother’. Castiel had known since raising his charge that he was an omega. He just did not know that Dean would have this much of an effect on him. And here in the motel room with Sam Winchester nowhere nearby he wanted to make the hunter his own.
  5. Title: Bare Your Neck (While You’re Buried Inside Me)
    Warnings/Enticements: BDSM (seriously), D/s, knotting, alpha/omega, heat, rough sex, dirty talk, comeplay, felching, overstimulation, omega!Dean, alpha!Cas, dom!Deam, sub!Cas, pervy schmoop
    Summary: Written for this spn kink meme prompt: Castiel is an alpha but, much to the shock of those around him, he’s also a sub, and becomes mated to a very dominant omega— Dean. People look down on him for it, but Castiel is proud to wear his omega’s collar and loves nothing more than rolling over and bearing his neck for Dean like a good bitch. 
  6. Title: Roommate
    Warnings:  heat!trope, Alpha!Cas/Omega!Dean
    Word Count: ~4,500
    Summary: After Dean’s first heat when he was eighteen, the young man had gone straight onto heat suppressants – he didn’t have time to find a mate, after all. That had been five years ago.  It was time to settle down. Start a family.
  7. Title: I Got A Bad Case Of Lovin’ You
    Warnings: self lubrication, excessive oil-gland!kink, wing!kink, heat!kink
    Word Count: ~3,000
    Summary: Dean can’t help but hide a smirk as he waltzes into the doctor’s office. This particular wing of the hospital is for mixed patients – there are humans as well as Angels in the ward today, and he gets his fair share of curious eyes when he walks in and sits down in one of the ugly blue plastic chairs. He closes his eyes, smiling to himself when he hears a few Angels sniff the air curiously.
  8. Dormant SirenVampire AU. The bar erupted into applause again as the dying chord rang out and Castiel dared to open his eyes and turned to see Dean. Castiel bit back another desperate, wanting sound. “One word, Cas, and he’s ours.” Castiel bit his lip and nodded. (do yourself a favour and read the sequels also)
  9. Title: Angel Physiology 101
    Warnings: excessive wing!kink and heat!kink and oil!kink, self-lubrication, and medical lectures.
    Word Count: ~7,000
    Summary:The Angel’s feathers were starting to stand up on the top edge, making himself appear larger to intimidate an enemy and Castiel resisted the urge to smooth them down. “Thank you so much for volunteering for this. I’m so proud and grateful.”
  10. Open Communication: Castiel is really reluctant to top. Dean finally gets him to admit it’s because angel anatomy works differently - they knot.”
  11. A Profound SomethingOmegas are at the top of the social hierarchy and get first dibs on the alphas they want to knot them during their heat cycles.
    College student Dean has his eyes set on his shy professor Castiel. Just when he feels himself about to come into heat, he visits Castiel at his house under the pretense for some studying help, but it’s really to let Cas know he’s the alpha Dean wants to fuck him.To get his point across, Dean casually walks around the house, touching things and spreading the possessive pheromones that let an alpha know he’s been claimed.
  12. Title: The Secretary
    Warnings/Enticements:  terrible life au (Dean Smith with all his health food and suspenders), secretary!Cas, D/s, knotting, alpha/omega, heat, desk sex, dirty talk, bareback, top!alpha!Dean, bottom!omega!Cas, brief cameo by awesome!Sam Wesson.
    Summary: Written for this kink meme prompt.  It’s a Terrible Life ‘verse. Dean Smith’s new secretary has been driving him crazy for weeks, with his natural obedience, perpetual sex hair and that goddamn scent. So when Castiel forgets to take his suppressants and goes into heat in the office, Dean just can’t freaking help himself anymore and bends Cas over his desk in a frenzied, possessive, semi-public claiming. 
  13. Title: For the love of a wolf
    Warnings: language, slash, werewolves, rimming, biting and knotting
    Summary: based on the prompt found here. “AU: A tale of love between a wolf and his mate.”
  14. Caring For Strays: John decides that this is the winter that Dean’s old enough to have his own omega.
  15. Yours: I just want Castiel knotting and breeding Dean. I don’t care if it God!Castiel or Levi!Castiel, just so long as Dean is knotted and breed well.
  16. Friends Helping Friends: alpha/beta college!au
  17. Dean/Castiel, Alpha/Omega, knotting, heat, prostitution: Omega!Cas is a hooker hired by Alpha!Dean, only Castiel has forgotten to take his heat suppressants and goes into heat mid-fuck, prompting Dean to go into a frenzy and knot him. They expected a quick fuck, they never expected to mate.

  18. Need: bottom!Dean, top!alpha!Castiel, pain, scratching, bare-backing, marking, possession, hair-pulling, saliva as lube, implied violence
  19. Love In The Time Of ChangeCas has always been an alpha, but he’s never truly explored that due to a lack of relationships. When he starts seeing Dean, he isn’t aware that when an angel mates (not just sleeps with) a human, the human is transformed to become more compatible to the angel. With Cas being an alpha, this turns Dean into an Omega.Other angels, like say Balthazar, Rachel, Hester, Inias (whomever the writer wants) realize that Dean has become Cas’ mate when he starts displaying Omega characteristics. I would love it if the angel in question tries to help Dean accept his changes, after all, dean’s part of the family now…
    (aka the angels suddenly start treating Dean better, because God wouldn’t have allowed him and Cas to mate if he hadn’t approved of the relationship to begin with). Would love a focus on Dean freaking out about his transformation, Sam being way too amused by it all, and Dean’s issues in accepting that he’s pregnant, something that shouldn’t be possible with him being a guy and all. 
  20. Title: Our Father, Who Aren’t in Heaven
    Warnings: AU, priest!Castiel, Alpha!Dean, rimming, D/s themes
    Summary: “Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses; as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory, forever and ever. Amen.”
  21. Into The Fire: Angels have the alpha/beta/omega class system, but Dean doesn’t know this and when Castiel goes into heat around him, as an archangel vessel, it awakens a latent alpha instinct in Dean and all he can think about is claiming and breeding his bitch, and Castiel is more than happy to bear his throat and submit. Bonus points for Dean internally freaking out because he has no idea what’s going on, especially when he ends up knotting Castiel, but he’s unable to resist the pull of Castiel’s heat or his innate alpha response.
  22. Title: Look Into My Eyes and I Own You
    Warnings: creature!Dean, bottom!Dean, aggressive!Castiel, self-lubrication, rough sex, biting, marking, claiming, D/s, rimming, orgasm denial, knotting
    Summary: It was just supposed to be a routine hunt. Then again, when they’re Crowley’s bitch boys, nothing is ever routine. And with their pocket-angel being AWOL and outside their coverage zone, Dean doesn’t know what else to do.
tagged as: #destiel, #fic recs, #dean/castiel, #spn fanfic, #knotting, #mpreg, #alpha/beta/omega,

tagged as: #destiel, #fic recs, #dean/castiel, #spn fanfic, #knotting, #mpreg, #alpha/beta/omega,

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