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As requested by many of you! Not EVERY single fic in this genre is on this list, some of them were either far too short or not very well written, but still, there’s a few here to occupy your time :) This is the first list of mine where I have knowingly added WIP’s, although I don’t read them, this is a small category and the WIPs seem worth a look. There are other Rec lists out there and I encourage you to seek them out too. Also, take the time to sift through some of the amazing art! 

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  1. Title: Supernatural Spells
    Summary: Sam and Dean meet Dobby and are magicly transported to hogwarts! Come along and join the hilarity!
  2. Title: Supernatural 101
    Sam and Dean Winchester are called to Hogwarts by Albus Dumbledore to teach a class called Supernatural 101 in case Voldemort uses the Supernatural against them. Little does Sam know, a student there named Hermione Granger will peak his interest.
  3. Title: Hogwarts Rising WIP
    Sam and Dean Winchester get a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry asking them to become the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professors, and they are introduced to a whole new world of the supernatural. But how can Muggles possibly teach at a wizarding school, especially with OWLs coming and Voldemort rising?
  4. Title: Revelations
    Dean is trying to get Sam and Jess together, but this is Hogwarts and of cause things never go as planned.
  5. Title: Stuck on the Details WIP
    The Dark Master Azazel is on the rise and gathering supporters, but first years should only worry about being transfigured into toads.
  6. Title: Nah, He Didn’t
    Summary: Dean Winchester has been asking Castiel Novak out every day since Fifth Year, and so far Castiel has always resolutely said no. He’s going to keep it that way. He’s sure of it.
    Title: The Chase(r)
    Summary:  Dean wants Cas to go to his Quidditch match, but he’s not very good at using his words.
  7. Title: Double Double Toil and Trouble!verse
    Castiel Singer is just trying to survive to graduation, but between the prophecied Winchesters, quidditch, a mentor of questionable loyalties/morals, and an unconventional romance with Meg Masters … it’s looking less likely by the day.
  8. Title: Family Traditions WIP
    Castiel Novak -aspiring arithmancer from a highly respected pureblood family- meets Dean Winchester -halfblood, Quaffle-chasing idiot- on the Quidditch pitch and starts questioning everything he thought he knew.
  9. Title: Winchesters at Hogwarts
    - Of a Sort: 
    It was the longest Sorting in recent Hogwarts history.
    - A Rough Start: 
    Dean’s first week at Hogwarts isn’t exactly a success.
    - The Girl in the Portrait: 
    The old house has about a hundred rooms, and Sam is determined to explore them all.
  10. Title: Do You Believe in Magic?
    On Dean Winchester’s eleventh birthday he gets a mysterious letter from a brown barn owl. It tells him he’s been accepted to a magic school called Hogwarts.
  11. Title: Dean Winchester and the Boy From Hufflepuff
    Dean’s 3rd year at Hogwarts is going A-O.K., but it gets a lot better when he meets Castiel. Meanwhile, the ongoing war against the Demons (dark wizards) ratchets up Dean’s curiosity for the outside world, as well as his frustration with it. His dad isn’t much help.
  12. Title: Old Country
    Sam and Dean go to Hogwarts.
  13. Title: Scarlet and Gold WIP
    Dean Winchester is about to start his fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He’s the new captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team, and his dream is to defeat the Hufflepuff champions and win the Cup. Things change when on the train Dean meets Castiel Milton, a Hufflepuff student. Cas is shy and awkward and completely without a sense of humour, Dean is rash and has a tendency to get into trouble. Despite their differences the two boys become friends, and Dean starts to realize that maybe the Quidditch Cup isn’t what he wants the most.
  14. Title: Laundry day
    Summary: Teenage sexy times 
  15. Title: Splinching People,Cursing Things
    Summary:  Three times Cas was an utter dorkwad at Hogwarts, and one time he wasn’t.
  16. Title: The Lion and the Badger WIP
    During Sixth Year at Hogwarts a certain Gryffindor and Hufflepuff discovers something about themselves and each other when said Gryffin takes a sudden interest in the Huffle. 
  17. Title: Teasing
    Castiel knew that Dean Winchester hated him… he just wasn’t completely sure why.
  18. Title: Blinding
    Sam’s patronus is a butterfly and no one but Dean seems to be amused.
  19. Title: Muggle Holiday
    Dean has invited Castiel to come home with him, to the muggle world, for the Christmas holiday.
  20. Title: Demented!Verse
    Damned Demented Demons -Harry saves the Winchesters from a Dementor attack, but the Winchesters aren’t the only ones that need saving.
    Bobby and Hermione - an Epistolary Fic -A year of letters between Bobby Singer and Hermione Granger.
    Vile Violent Vacations -Harry invents a ruse in order to trick the Winchesters into visiting London for a much needed vacation, only it turns out he really does need their help.
    The Many Adventures of Sam and Scorpius on the Floor -Sam and Scorpius play with a fire truck
    The Letter - Harry receives a letter after Lucifer’s defeat.
    To Being Half a Person -Dean gets an unexpected visitor and we find out where Dean and George got to during the party in Vile Violent Vacations.
    Nate & Teddy Stories -A series of one-shots about Nate and Teddy from my demented’verse. These stories are about Teddy Lupin and his friends navigating their relationships at Hogwarts.
    Seers, Souls, and Scandinavians -It takes a village to raise a soul from perdition.
    Brains and Bones -Till heals Sam, tricks Dean, and enjoys a cup of tea.
  21. Title: Alohomora
    Dean being his dorky self and using the cheesiest of cheesy pick up lines
  22. Title: A Kind of Serenity 
    Sam’s Patronus turns out to be a lemur, of all things. 
  23. Title: Hogwarts Supernatural!Verse
    Hogwarts Supernatural - It’s fifth year and Castiel has began noticing subtle changes in his friendship with Dean.
    Potions, Pranks, and Polyjuice or The One Where Castiel Learns How to Use a TamponDean’s refusal to physically take his budding relationship with Castiel a step further causes Castiel to have doubts. Meanwhile, a certain Hufflepuff falls victim to a Slytherin prank.
    The Art of Distraction or How to Study: Dean Winchester StyleCastiel is determined to study for the O.W.L.s. Dean won’t let him.
    Valentine’s Day Special or The One Where Bela Finally Gets the Girl- With Dean and Cas becoming a more “official” couple and Sam and Jess all but admitting their feelings for each other, Bela starts to feel a bit left out. But as Valentine’s Day approaches, she begins receiving mysterious gifts.
  24. Title: Cas and Dean do Hoggypimples
    Summary: Dean and Cas are Hogwarts students meeting up for a late night rendezvous.
  25. Title: Save me From Someone Else’s Dream
    Castiel Novak is perfectly content to ignore Dean Winchester. His cat (probably) doesn’t care what he does. SPN/HP Crossover.
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