So it’s

Dirty talk/phone sex/prayer kink list update next I think?

Unless you want me to update wing!kink first?

Or have a new list you desperately want?

tagged as: #pray, #do tell, #destiel, #dean/castiel, #cockles, #fic recs,

tagged as: #pray, #do tell, #destiel, #dean/castiel, #cockles, #fic recs,

  1. seriouslyitsjessyca answered: oooh panty kink? with all of that combined and rimming
  2. patitomuerto answered: Would you ever do a cop show/supernatural crossover list? Also, Wing kink!!
  3. sidewalkskylines answered: Wing!kink please! :)
  4. cas-is-deans-huggy-bear answered: i like the wing!kink ones myself
  5. lullabellesleaving answered: Dirty talk, please!
  6. allthatglittersisnothovery answered: Go for it!
  7. duotoned answered: dirty talk!
  8. dickhabodcrane answered: dirty talk! blessing be to you, oh glorious angel of pornography.
  9. the-band-director-of-rassilon answered: wing!kink please!!!
  10. sapstomarz said: Wings. God please.
  11. sinbins answered: WING!KINK PLS
  12. deadpai answered: omfg all of the above immediately plz
  13. tachibananax answered: wing!kink, please!
  14. screw-destiny-in-the-face said: both. both is good!
  15. impetuously answered: fix it fics?
  16. chubdean answered: phone sex <3
  17. vladbride answered: wincestiel maybe?
  18. destielmybeatingheart posted this

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