marksheppardhasmyovaries asked: There is a J2 Alpha omega fic i looking for, I read it once and had it my bookmarks, but recently lost it :( Jared is alpha and Jensen is omega. It was over 30,000 words i believe and in it, Jared and Gen are married, alpha and beta, until gen decides to get an omega houseboy - Jensen who is only young and an orphan. At the end of it they end up moving to canada to get married. Hope this helps, thanks :)

Love that fic so much.

Title: Enthrall (Complete) Pdf Here
Pairing: Jared/Jensen (Primarily) Jared/Genevieve (minor)
Warnings: Alpha!Jared, Bottom!Jensen, Omega!Jensen, cross dressing, underage(Jensen 16), slavery, piercing kink, pantie kink, first time, virgin!Jensen 
Prompt: Jared is the alpha of his household and after much pushing from his beta wife Genevieve, he agrees to purchase an omega slave, Jensen. Jared’s heard about how strongly an alpha with react to a meek, naturally submissive, omega but he underestimated how hard it would hit him and how fast it would turn sexual.

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tagged as: #marksheppardhasmyovaries, #fic requests, #j2,

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