Destiel Highschool/College AU Rec list

  1. I Might Kinda Like You NC-17: High school AU. Castiel is at a party he doesn’t want to be at at, when he bumps into Dean. Shorter fic (around 5000) plot and some sex.
  2. Jump The Track NC-17: High school AU. It’s Dean’s senior year at Lawrence High, and he’s already given up on himself. It takes the arrival of the strange, intense, awkward Castiel Delacroix at the school to prove to Dean that maybe his life is worth saving after all. This is the one I’m saving, but from what I gather it has plot aplenty and some sex in there too.
  3. It Never Gets Better Anyway NC-17: High school AU - Castiel knows life isn’t fair. If it was, then he wouldn’t be bullied for things that others get away with constantly. It isn’t fair of him to hate Dean either, but life isn’t fair, and neither is Castiel. Currently reading this one, enjoying it muchly and I haven’t even got to the sex yet!
  4. Oh Yes, You Do, Mr. Novak NC-17: High School AU. This is basically a 5 part PWP, Dean is a 17 yo student and Cas is his 22 year old teacher. Hot sex occurs…like HOT filthy talking sex. Bottom!Cas.
  5. Slow Moving Cars NC-17 - College AU. A nice shorter roommate fic. Cas hates Dean after a fight at his work months ago, now he has to work with him in order to pass his art class.
  6. Punch Drunk Love PG-15 (other two parts are NC-17): High School AU. Castiel has never been kissed, his best friend decides to teach him. OK. This is the first of 3 AMAZING fics (sequels Knock Me Out and Wanna Mess Around) Hot, amazing tension, perfectly written kissing/sex and the characterisation is perfect. I re-read this all the fucking time! Read all three.
  7. You Really Got a Hold on Me PG-13: High School AU. Dean and Cas are neighbours and best friends. This is a cute 5 chapter slow build love story, no sex, but the schmoop makes up for it :)
  8. Chemistry PG-13 - R: (part 2, part 3) High School AU. Dean is the new kid in town and Castiel is his lab partner. This Cas in this is pretty bamf.
  9. Cold Academic Hell Verse PG-13 (mostly): College AU. This is a LONG ASS VERSE. It is split in to two parts for each chapter, one Destiel and one Sabriel, you can read both separately and still follow the story however the Destiel is the primary. In this Dean and Sam are students, and Cas and Gabriel are student advisers. Well worth a read, but if you’re looking for sex, you wont find (much) of it here. Great brother dynamic, character build and UST.
  10. Wrong in All the Right Ways PG-13 : College AU (I guess?) Dean and Cas are friends, and Dean has crazy ideas, Cas has no idea why he goes along with them. Short fic, no sex.
  11. Rabbit Heart PG - R: College AU. There is a costume party, and Dean is a knight (this along makes it read worthy) This is a 16 part fic, and the 16th part isn’t up (well I couldn’t find it anywhere) so I didn’t read it (don’t read unfinished work) but from a bit of skim reading this looks to have a lot of plot and plenty of lovin!
  12. In This Secluded Spot I Respong As I Wouldn’t Dare Elsewhere R: High School AU Cas has been home schooled untill 8th grade, he is awkward, excells in home ec and is gay. Dean is the new kid, handsome, athletic, arrogant…but there’s more to him than Cas thinks and they form a friendship.
  13. It’s Always the End of the World Somewhere NC-17: High School AU. Castiel and Dean were friends when they were younger, and then something changed. Now Cas is a loner at school, and openly Gay. This is a great little fic, and the Sam in this is awesome :)
  14. Right Place, Right Time NC-17: High School AU. Sam bring his new boyfriend Cas home for dinner to meet Dean…
    OK, this is my new favourite, honestly it is such a great fic, and it has a Sabriel subplot too :) 
  15. I Want You All to Myself (NC-17ish): High School AU. Dean is 17, just about to graduate and apparently in love with his best MALE friend. Plenty of self discovery angst, good UST, weet ending.
  16. I Think I Know Where you Belong PG:13: High School AU. This is the first in the Shortskirts verse, a wonderful fic, where Dean and Cas are neighbours and friends even though Dean is the popular jock and Cas is bullied. The verse follows them going on to college/baseball career. 
    This is the PWP that follows directly after it: Everything Comes Naturally
    And these are the links to the remaining parts of the verse (mostly just really hot porn tbh) in order, (one of the links contains 5 short fics, read top to bottom)
    Gotta be From Out of Town
    5 shortskirts fics G-NC-17
    In the Closet
    This Time Baby
    Final snippit
  17.  J. Alfred Prufrock Grows a Pair PG-13: HIgh School AU, Dean is a new student and Cas is God of the high school, they get paired together and sparks fly. Poetry quoting goodness, there is also a nice PWP sequel linked at the end.
  18. Something Unexpected NC-17: High School AU, Dean is a 18 year old student, cas is his 32 year old principle. Actually a sweet romance with some porn, nothing illegal.
  19. Mission: Valentines Day PG-13: High School AU. Cas tries to get a valentines card into Deans locker.
  20. I Wanna Hold you High and Steal Your Pain NC-17: High School AU. Dean is the bad boy of school, he rides a motor bike and everyone is scared of him, so why is he walking towards Castiel? A lovely first romance fic, the Winchester family in this are awesome. 
  21. And Yet, By Heaven NC-17: College AU. Cas is a religious studies professor and Dean is his secretary. Lovely fic, Dean is self doubting, Sam is sweet, John is a dick…but then not.
  22. Letting in The Light NC-17: College AU A wonderful roommate fic.
  23. Let’s Misbehave NC-17: College AU roommate PWP
  24. Creeping Through the Window NC-17: College AU roommate fic
  25. Rebel Rebel PG-13 - NC-17: High School AU. Dean Winchester has never been a normal high school student. Helping his private detective father out with cases has given him a questionable skill set and a world-weary attitude. Everything goes from bad to worse however when his small town is rocked by murder, and the more Dean tries to find the truth, the more secrets he unearths. Honestly I got to chapter 7 and bookmarked it to read later, it gets a little slow in the middle. It is sweet though, but I’m not much of a crime fic girl and that’s a large part of this story.
  26. More Than You Know M: High School AU. Castiel and Dean are best friends, Cas has been in love with Dean since the beginning of high school and Dean is just not getting it.
  27. Whole Lotta Love NC-17: College AU PWP
  28. Tell Me Who I Am PG-13 - NC-17: High School AU WIP. Honestly I have no idea what this fic is like, it’s long, and I think has one unwritten chapter, seems to be very plotty though…give it a read and let me know.
  29. You Belong with Me NC-17:  College AU. Cas has been in love with Dean for a long time, but has never been able to do anything about it, until Dean discovers he’s not as straight as he thought he was.
  30. One of My Turns NC-17: High School AU short
  31. The Many Different Smiles NC-17: High School PWP study buddies.
  32. Shameless NC-17: High School AU PWP Dean loses a bet
  33. 300 Things PG-13 - NC-17: College AU, Castiel is a professor and Dean is his student. Look TBH if you like this genre and you haven’t read 300 things, you need to seriously look at your life choices…because they are wrong. READ IT.
tagged as: #destiel, #fic recs, #high school au, #college au, #fanfic,

tagged as: #destiel, #fic recs, #high school au, #college au, #fanfic,

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