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OK. Here we go kids. I’m not giving ratings…they’re all NC-17 or above, because you know me, I love me some porn.
WARNING: Most priest!kink fic has Castiel as a priest and Dean as the one seducing him. There is a lot of DubCon and A LOT of submissive Cas. Also more often than not Dean is a teen. 

  1. Me and Mine.
    Word Count: 52,570
    Castiel is a gay priest and devoted to repressing himself, until he meets seventeen year old Dean who needs help in denying his own sexuality. Inconvenient though it is, they fall in love and move from denial to platonic love to something more complex.
  2. Good For the Soul
    Summary: Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned…
    PWP. Dean has been undercover as a priest for a hunt, Castiel surprises Dean with his kink. 
  3.  Confession (it’s kind of like porn, in a way)
    Word Count: 1185
    Summary: It’s been three weeks since Castiel’s last confession…
    PWP. Sequal to Good For the Soul.

  4. I Pray the Lord My Soul to Keep
    Summary: The entire town of Lawrence, Kansas, thinks Castiel is the best preacher they’ve ever had. He’s kind of quiet, and intense, but he’s devout and very polite. Only Dean Winchester knows what his priest is truly like, and he’s not talking.
    AU. PWP. Toys, dirty talk, Dean is 17. 

  5. The Voice of The Turtledove
    Unfortunately this fic is no longer available to read. The author has published it as an original work and if you follow this link through you can follow links to purchase it. Yes I have the PDF but I’m sorry no I won’t send it. As much as I hate when fics get taken down I have to respect the authors wishes and have had them contact me previously to request that I don’t.

  6.  The Pull and the Push
    Word Count: 4700
    Sometimes temptation is just too great.
    AU. Castiel is a priest, he hears Deans confession and recognises his voice as the man from bar… (Dean is 25)

  7. Forgive Me Father
    A wealthy Dean is constantly donating and giving to a small church and is much loved and a great guy to the many people. What no one knows is what he does to the young priest Castiel, who cannot deny the other man in fear that he will stop helping the church financially.
    AU. PWP. DubCon. (Deans a bit of a dick)

  8. Cardinal Sin
    Word Count: 7,837
    Summary: A wealthy Dean is constantly donating and giving to a small church, what no one knows is what he does to the young priest Castiel, who cannot deny the other man. Dean never meant for the sex to happen but can’t give it up.
    AU. This actually has a happy ending…rare in these kinds of fics!

  9.  Confessional
    Word Count: 1150
    Summary:  Dean has a confession to make….
    AU. PWP. Priest!cas. Dean is 17. 

  10. Preacher Man
    Word Count: 1019
    Summary:  Dean Winchester doesn’t put much stock in religion. He puts a lot of stock in the local preacher, though.
    AU. PWP. Preacher!Cas. Sherrif!Dean.

  11. As we Forgive Those
    Word Count: 30462
    Summary: Priest!Cas meets with a couple who are about to get married. Dean’s already feeling guilty when he enters the church with Lisa, and then it gets so much worse.
    Dean is living a lie married to Lisa, Cas as a priest, they sin together. UNF sex.

  12.  Not Strong Enough to Stay Away
    Word Count: 5827
    Summary: Zachariah wammies Dean to teach him a lesson about faith by making him a priest. But will Dean Winchester actually learn the lesson the Angel is trying to teach him? 
    Dean is sent to an AU where he is a priest…

  13. Bless me Father for I Have Sinned
    Word Count: 2,452
    Summary: Sex, and perviness in a church. Dean’s positive he’s going to hell again, and Castiel is going to absolve him… the old fashioned way. 
    Castiel has a case of his own, he’s undercover as a priest. (holy fuck there is fisting)

  14. Hell and Holy Fire
    Summary: Castiel is Dean’s salvation, and Dean is Castiel’s downfall. They’ll forever be caught in this tug-of-war, neither able to surrender to the other, so they’re caught in the middle. Heaven and Hell irrevocably tangled together.
    AU. PWP. demon!Dean. priest!Cas.

  15. Confession and Absolution
    Word Count: 2520
    Summary:  Father Dean didn’t think the Church’s confessional booth could be used quite like this…
    AU. PWP. priest!Dean. demon!Cas.

  16. In Hindsight
    Summary: This was so dirty and wrong, but Dean didn’t care because those words never failed to turn him on.
    nonAU roleplay

  17. Love the Sinner
    Word Count:1652 AU.
    Summary: Prompts: dirty talk, priests. Confession is supposed to be good for the soul. Father Castiel is beginning to have his doubts.
    PWP in a confessional 

  18. Take This My Body
    Word Count: 9271
    Summary: In the front seat of Dean’s Impala, Father Castiel finds revelation. Sequel to Love the Sinner.

  19. In God’s House
    Word Count:
    Despite Dean’s best efforts, Father Castiel has been avoiding giving into his temptations. That is, until Dean gets tired of subtlety and decides to take what they both want.
    teen!Dean pwp

  20. Our Father who Aren’t in Heaven
    Summary: Our father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name.
    AU. PWP. priest!Cas. alpha!Dean. Submissive Dean (He’s also the father of all werewolves I believe)

  21. Even angels sin
    Summary: Sam and Dean don the priest costumes again for a case, and Castiel feels the urge to go to confession
    nonAU confessional porn

  22. He Damned Himself
    Word count:
    Dean is a catholic priest, a good man. Castiel is a normal young boy who just moved to Lawrence with his parents, but behind innocent blue eyes he hides a dangerous secret and a terrible agenda. This is the recipe for the end of the world.
    AU dark!fic

  23. I’d Advise Against That 
    Word Count: 3k+
    Summary: Dean and Castiel are posing as priests, but something’s bothering Cas.
    pwp nonAU

  24. Absolve Me
    Summary:  i
    t’s hot in the confessional booth. It always is
    AU. PWP. priest!Cas. Dean is 17.

  25. The Light Crept In
    Word Count: 2900
    Summary: AU. Dean Winchester is priest, telling himself that he is happy and failing to believe it. That is, until a stranger shows up at his church on Christmas Eve and shows him two people walking through the snow. 
    a pg fic! egad!

  26. ain’t much holy ‘bout this
    Word Count: 4576
    Summary: ”I don’t mean to presume, preacher, but I been watchin’ you since my brother and me came to this town, and I think you and me got a little somethin’ in common.”
    AU preacher!Cas. cowboy!Dean. HOTDAMN.

  27. The Beating of His Hideous Heart
    Summary:  Dean is the charming sociopath and Castiel is the fresh-faced prison chaplain, dub-con. With Dean, after weeks of working Cas over, finally getting his hands on him after a careless guard leaves them alone
    AU. PWP. serious dubcon. (Um Dean is compeltely crazy and murdered Sam is living in his head…but the sex is hot)

  28. Even Angels Have Their Kinks
    Word Count:
    Dean accidentally stumbles upon something that turns Castiel on.
    pwp collar!kink

  29. Bedroom Hymn
    Word Count: ~ 1.2k
    Summary: A priest finds another way to cherish the Lord. And his most beautiful creation.
    AU pwp

  30. Faith
    Word Count: 5,103
    When Father Castiel Novak, the new parish priest, arrives into town the local mechanic Dean Winchester finds himself fascinated by more than what’s under Castiel’s hood. 
    pwp with a little sweetness

  31. The Stairway To Heaven, Starts In Hell
    ord Count: 14k+
    Ladies man Dean Winchester gets dragged along to his sister’s bachelorette party, where the male stripper catches his full attention and Dean finds himself not being able to stay away.
    AU. priest/stripper!cas (too much dialogue for my tastes)

  32. Amen
    Castiel is a Roman Catholic priest and Dean Winchester is his lover.

  33. Magpies
    Word Count: 30k+
    Castiel is a small town priest with a mysterious past. One ill-fated evening he prays for an end to his loneliness. He’s heard, but not by Heaven. Dean Winchester is a demon from Hell and he hails the call. But not everything is as it seems
    AU plotty fic

  34. Temptation
    priest!Dean and choirboy!Cas
    perhaps a little dubconish

  35. Actus Fidei
    Word Count:
    On the very first time that Castiel manifests in front of Father Dean Winchester, he gets as far as “Rejoice, for you are blessed-” before Dean shoots him with a salt-loaded shotgun.
    AU priest!Dean Angel!cas

  36. Pray for the Sinners
    Castiel’s been a priest for several years now and though he’s young, his faith is absolute. That’s where Dean comes in. It had been his plan to just play with Cas for a bit and move on when the poor man had finally succumbed but he finds himself unable to leave Cas alone. There’s just something about the young priest that begs to be corrupted. I’d like it if the sex became a regular thing. Dean coming to Cas whenever he pleases and feels in need of a good fuck. And Castiel feeling his stomach drop whenever he shows but unable to say ‘no’. He fears he doesn’t even want to anymore because a part of him wants the demon, wants to please Dean more than he’s ever wanted anything before. Dom!Dean/Sub!Cas only. I just can’t get the image out of my head of Cas kneeling in front of Dean while the demon fucks his mouth mercilessly.
    dark and twisted pwp

  37. Sing Your Praises
    Word Count:
    Prompt: “Father Dean takes advantage of the young choirboy.”
    short pwp

  38. Shiny Happy People
    Summary:  Dean’s not enrolled at the camp. He just stayed to keep an eye on Sammy. It’s got nothing to do with the attractive young Priest, Father Castiel.
    AU teen!Dean

  39. Secret Sinner
    Word count:
    Dean Winchester was always pretty sure that he was going to Hell. Seducing a priest, however, is surely a one-way ticket.
    lots of lovely porn

  40. The Hanged Man
    Word count: 2500
    Summary:  This is a sequel to The Beating of His Hideous Heart, from the opposite POV to the original. Dean is a charming sociopath, Castiel the fresh-faced prison chaplain. Dean has been looking for Castiel for fourteen years. 
    AU. PWP. A little less dubcon.

  41. Between Two Lungs
    Word Count:
    Father Christopher, still shaken from the things he’s seen since coming to the inner city mission, is working there at night when Dean Winchester crashes into his life. They forge a connection, for the night at least.
    pwp Devine xover

  42. Apud Ipsum Deum (With the God Himself)
    Word Count: 1,896
    Summary: “Dean.” Cas calls out as the sound of beating wings fills the room, this time Dean doesn’t even blink. He’s getting used to Castiel just popping in and out. Half the time it’s to drag Dean off somewhere to fuck. Castiel makes the down time between hunts…entertaining, to say the least.

  43. The Lost Angel
    Word count:
    Destiel Angel!Dean. Human!Cas. AU: In which Castiel is a priest with an amazing ability, he can hear angels. This causes problems, and he ends up getting banned from his local church. His life gets pretty strange, pretty quickly. He meets Dean, an actual angel…haven’t read this yet, but it looks interesting

  44. Into Temptation
    Word Count: 2097
    Summary: Written for this prompt at spnkink_meme : Dean/Castiel priests; I love me some blasphemy, mmhmm. I’d love it if Dean was a priest in training and Castiel was a slightly older priest, and if they give into temptation. Bottom!dean would be lovely
    AU. priest!Cas. priest!Dean. Sweet fic, there’s love in this one for once!
  45. For All Have Sinned and Fall Short of the Glory of God
    Word Count: 2047
    Two men ride into town one day, and Father Emmanuel learns of who he was before he washed up on the banks of a river, with no name, no past and no purpose.

  46. Chapel of Love
    Word Count: 33k+
    Castiel is a young priest who meets a very rebellious, very striking youth named Dean Winchester who turns his world upside down.
    plotty fic

  47. Word Count: ~6,000
    1870s Western AU. Two bodies lead Sheriff Dean Winchester to the outskirts of Stull Township to hunt down the Ghost of the Great Plains; a crazy fucking priest with a thirst for murder. What he finds isn’t what he expected. What happens is even more surprising.
    dub!con and asshole!cas
  48. Never Let You Go 
    Word Count:5114
    Summary: Spnkink_meme prompt: Castiel is in love with a straight Dean, Dean knows it and abuses their friendship slightly/completely but never sexually.Castiel is joining the priesthood and the night before he takes his oaths/vows Dean realizing how emotionally depended he is on Castiel suddenly forces himself on Cas, intending to ruin/spoil/shame Castiel until god doesn’t want him. DomDean, Rough, Messy, DubCon, NonCon, DirtyTalk, Humiliation, if possible an unexpected happy ending would be epic. Bonus points if Castiel fights it at first but ends up loving the rough nature. A million points if Castiel is a virgin.
    AU. DubCon here but kinda sweet ending. Cas isn’t a priest yet but he’s just about to be so I still count this haha.  

  49. Out And About
    Word Count: 4450
    Summary: Cas as a geeky librarian in a high school. Very geeky and VERY virgin. Dean is a jock. The rest is up to the writer as long as there’s SEX IN LIBRARY. As you can see from the rating on this, I completely failed at the one requirement of the prompt (my porn-fu is broken and only works sporadically these days).
    ex-priest!cas AU


Ok. Here is the single hottest and most depressing priest!kink of the lot. I saved it to last because it is really really really DARK. There’s some dubcon, submissive!Cas who is a priest, and dark!Dean who is his married parishioner. Though the porn is hot, you wont like it if you don’t like reading bdsm style porn, and it is seriously really dark ok…and the ending WILL FUCKING RUIN YOU.

With that warning, proceed at your own peril.
(it’s in six parts, avoid the final one if you’re just in it for porn) 


Eat you Up

What Can I Do

Keep Your Head Down (a prequel to Lucifer)


Last Farewell (don’t do it I implore you it will kill you! *cries*)

tagged as: #destiel, #rec list, #priest!kink, #oh the blasphemy, #dean/castiel, #fic recs, #spn fanfic,

tagged as: #destiel, #rec list, #priest!kink, #oh the blasphemy, #dean/castiel, #fic recs, #spn fanfic,

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